Discount Terms of Use

The terms and conditions stated in this document will serve as a legal instrument to govern the rights and obligations between you and us. Agreeing to these terms and conditions will hold you legally accountable for any misbehavior. These terms and conditions will be applicable whether you use our website or the mobile app.

For ease, will be referred as Website, the mobile app as service and anyone who chooses to use them as you.

Products and Services

  1. We provide copywriting services. This will refer to providing unique text material of different sizes and topics as per your requirements.
  2. Our writers that form our team provide the copywriting services. Relations with our writers are not governed by these terms and conditions.
  3. You need to provide specific and clear instructions while placing an Order to avoid any mistakes in the final Product.
  4. The Order can be placed through the Order form placed on our Service.
  5. Other services include solving multiple choice questions and tests. Moreover, we also specialize in proofreading and editing documents to correct grammatical and stylistic errors.

Payment and Prices

  1. The payment will be based on the type of service you require. With the addition of extra service, the price will be calculated accordingly.
  2. The prices for services can change at Company’s discretion. Please stay updated on the latest prices through the Company’s website and service.
  3. The prices of additional services are also liable to change.
  4. Extra payment can be withdrawn or kept safe in the company’s account for future orders.
  5. Special prices are determined for multiple choice questions, tests, and assignments. A special Order form needs to be filled for these services. Each question will cost some money and solving problems is more expensive.
  6. You can choose the payment method from among the accepted payment methods.

Order Fulfillment

  1. After the text material is completed, you can view it on your account panel.
  2. You can approve the text material if it fits the requirements you mentioned while placing the Order. Any claims can be made within 14 days. After this time limit, the text material will be automatically approved.
  3. You can send us your feedback regarding the quality of the text material, the writer, and the support services through survey forms.
  4. In case of proofreading and editing services, the text material will not be changed more than 30%.


  1. We do not allow our text material to be used for any illegal purpose. We, on the other hand, guarantee unique text material suited to your needs and requirements.
  2. If you accept these terms then we understand that:
  3. You have read and understood all the terms and conditions
  4. You will use the text material for research and academic purposes only
  5. You will not distribute, resell, modify, publish, or create derivative works using the text material that we provide
  6. After using the text material, you will destroy it. You cannot use any part of the text material our writers provide for distribution or any other use without citation
  7. You will not put your name on the text materials
  8. We guarantee that:
  9. We reserve the intellectual rights and grant you these rights over our text material under the specified terms of use
  10. The text materials will have less than 10% plagiarism
  11. We will follow all your instructions that you provide us for the text materials