This “Privacy Policy” explains the description of the information we collect from you when you visit or you intend to use our rendered services hereinafter known as "Services." It will also tell you how makes use of the information and the examples of possible ways in which we share that information.


At, we determine that it would be of great help to convey to our customers the key ways in which we make use of the information they provide and how we attempt to safeguard our customer’s privacy. Therefore, we strongly recommend entirely reading and understanding this Privacy Policy prior to using any of our services.

Usually, we collect two types of information.

  • Your personal information i.e. your full name and/or your phone number, this is the information that personally identifies you.
  • Your IP address and/or your browser type, this is what does not personally identify you.

Generally, we use this collected data from you to provide you with a permission to use our website and offered services and to generate reports at our end related to data needed for shopping online.

Occasionally, we disclose this information only to the third parties that are authorized to collect it. These third parties could be service providers and merchants including advertising partners who have published a promotional material for specific products.

COOKIES POLICY AND PERSONAL INFORMATION SECURITY uses “cookies”. Cookies are a small piece of data stored in user’s internet browser when browsing. Every time any user loads our site cookies notify us about the user’s previous activity. They let our website remember stateful information like the items added to shopping cart.

By enabling “cookies” user permits us to collect anonymous information and to receive ads and promotional advertisements. At your sole discretion, you can opt-out of specific activities at any time.Our SSL (Secure Socket Layer) software encrypts all information you input, and we take all practical security measures for safeguarding the information.

When you register yourself with, you will get the option to update and/or correct any information that you provided previously while visiting the account section.You can contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy at and the services provided through it are not designed and suitable for the use of children under 13 years of age.

We at reserve all the right to change our “Terms and Conditions” and “Privacy Policy” without any notice, at any time, and from time to time. It is the sole responsibility of the user to check back periodically to stay updated. If you are a registered user of, you will be notified via your provided email about the changes as and when occurred.


By agreeing to the "Terms and Condition" and "Privacy and Cookies Policy," posted on our site you permit to collect your personal and non-personal information as described above.

By agreeing to our cookies policy you also allow us to:

  • Receive your application for getting our writing services as without enabling cookies it would not be possible
  • Keep you logged in
  • Deliver our 24/7 live chat service via an online support

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